Renouveler Intensive Face Serum with Swiss apple stem cells

Renouveler Intensive Face Serum

  • -Helps promote youthful looking skin.
    -Your skin will feel Tight and Firm.
    -Suitable for All skin types

    Renouveler face serum contains Swiss Apple Stem Cell which helps in delay skin aging and promote youthful looking skin.

    It also contains Seaweeds which help cell regeneration (skin look smooth and radiant). Seaweeds are not just for anti-aging, but are also great for skin problems- anti-bacterial properties and detoxifies the skin. The lipids and proteins nourish dry flaky skin and have anti-inflammatory properties.

    Apply generously to face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. For best result, add a few drops of Vitamin C serum with Renouvela intensive face serum.

“My name is Alice. My skin was very dry, rough and irritated. Since I've used CKW Collection products, my skin has improved dramatically. It's smoother and softer. Also, my skin complexion has become more even. I'm very happy with the result and thank-you for the magical skin care products. I love it. Love it!.”


-Alice Kwok


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