The Power of

Three: Skincare, Supplements and Positivity


The Power of Three: Skincare, Supplements and Positivity


Holistic Approach to Skincare


A lot of women now are using supplements from capsules to tablets. This is to make your skin look more radiant from the inside. The skin is the one organ that can be affected from the outside to the inside. You must have heard that whatever you feel or eat, it will first show on your skin.


Skin can look dull and lifeless because of free radicals—which damage cells. With supplements, these free radicals that are like poisons in your skin are eliminated, giving birth to healthy skin cells. The result? A youthful glow radiates from your skin.

Supplements, as the name itself notes, will add to the dietary requirements for healthy skin. We must consume vegetables and fruits, with vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and even those with antioxidants, which are good for our skin. By taking supplements, you can meet the minimum amount you need to have good-looking skin.


Moisturize your skin's outer layer with a cream, and then take supplements with antioxidants to eliminate those free radicals. This will double the skincare benefits of the products, and you will be seeing better results in less time.




Positivity is appreciating life, giving back to the community, and living in a state of simple happiness. Let go of emotions that burden you such as grievances, bitterness, and jealousy. When you let go of these dark, unhealthy feelings, you will feel lighter and livelier. Confidence will bring out the best in you. And when you are happy, your brain will release hormones and other chemicals that will make your skin look more radiant. This is being beautiful from the inside out!